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Non-Accidental Injury

Have You Been Wrongly Accused Of Abusing Or Injuring Your Child?

If you have been plunged into the nightmare of being wrongly accused of abusing or causing injury to your child, you have come to the right place.  Our non-accidental injury team, headed up by Rebecca Ward, understand exactly what you are going through, they have seen it all before. As experts in the field of alleged non-accidental injury to children, they will advise you, support you and represent you with the aim of keeping your family together and clearing your name.

We know the feelings of shame and humiliation you are feeling, but rest assured, we know you have done nothing wrong, (you would not be reading this otherwise), and we can point you to countless case studies where we have helped others who have found themselves in the same situation as you are in now.

We represent parents who have been wrongly accused of causing injury to their child whether this be in respect of bruising, fractures, injuries to the eyes, head injuries and unexplained infant death just to list a few. We also represent parents when they have been accused of Fabricated or Induced Illness (FII) also sometimes called Munchasen Syndrome.  There are also cases that concern alleged poisoning of a child.

Where matters move over to the legal arena, we will provide you with legal representation and help you to put your case before the court.

Our Approach on Non Accidental Injury

Brendan Fleming Solicitors are committed to providing justice for parents who have been wrongly accused of causing injuries to their children.  To this end, we have created a dedicated Non-Accidental Injury Department.  Brendan Fleming Solicitors have earned a UK wide reputation as being experts in this specialised field of family law, and deal with all clients in a caring, down to earth and professional manner.

Due to our years of experience, we have developed working relationships with medical experts, who, with the Court’s permission, we can instruct to provide valuable medical opinion within proceedings as to the nature, causation and mechanism of injuries caused. Where it is considered necessary we will apply to the court to instruct independent medical experts of various disciplines based on the individual circumstances to establish causation of injuries and to explore if there is any underlying medical condition which may pre-dispose or make a child more vulnerable to injury such as Vitamin D deficiency, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Osteogenisis Imperfecta (OI), Menke’s Disease, Coagulations Disorders etc.  Some examples of experts that may be approached to assist the court understand what has happened to case an injury to a child are: Paediatrician, Paediatric Neuro-Surgeon (brain), Paediatric Radiologist (bones), Paediatric Ophthalmologist (eyes), Haematologist (blood), Geneticist etc.  It is important to get the right expert depending on the alleged injury.

Our team has earned enormous respect from the Judiciary and Child Protection Agencies for representing parents who find themselves in the difficult position of facing allegations of causing injury to their children and working towards keeping loving families together.

Case History in Re N (A Minor) [2014] EWFC 54:

In this case, we represented a father.  The parents were accused of shaking their baby after he was presented to hospital with bleeding to his brain and eyes.

Initially, the baby was placed in foster care but following a successful family assessment he was placed with the Maternal Grandparents.  The case was considered by the High Court.  A number of medical experts were instructed to assist the Court including a Paediatrician, Paediatric Neuro-Surgeon, Paediatric Neuro-Radiologist, Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Haematologist and a Forensic Pharmacologist. 

After considering the evidence at the Finding of Fact Hearing, the Court found that the injuries had been sustained by accident by the mother in a state of panic when she believed that her child was not breathing and, therefore, feared that he was dying.  The Local Authority’s application for a Care Order was dismissed. Read Full Judgement:

Do not lose hope.  Accusations of child abuse can be fought with the positive outcome of the allegations not been found by the Court and the family being reunited.  Let us help you by contacting us today.

Call us on 0121 683 5000 or 0800 246 5147 (out of hours mobile or for texting: 07730 143 432), or  complete the online enquiry form.

Why You Need Brendan Fleming Solicitors for Your Case

Brendan Fleming, [is] the most formidable of the few British solicitors prepared to fight for parents whose children have been seized by social workers for seemingly no good reason.

– Christopher Brooker, The Telegraph 2013.







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