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Metaphyseal Fractures

A metaphyseal fracture refers to an injury to the metaphysis which is the growing plate at each end of a long bone.  The metaphysis is not a bone but is a piece of cartilage which fuses together in adulthood.

The medical profession use multiple names to describe metaphyseal fractures including:

  • Corner fractures
  • Bucket fractures
  • Metaphyseal lesions

These types of fractures can present on their own or alongside other injuries such as Non Accidental Head Injury.  They are also often seen as part of the triad of Shaken Baby Syndrome.  The medical knowledge is that metaphyseal Fractures are caused as a result of a pulling and/ or twisting of a limb.

Metaphyseal fractures can be caused due to structural abnormalities, disease, infection etc.  Metaphyseal fractures are often misdiagnosed as an injury resulting from child abuse because it is extremely uncommon for an infant to sustain this type of injury as a result of normal activity or even a fall.  Therefore, it is easy for a medical professional to miss signs of disease which could cause weakening of the bone, and subsequently result in a metaphyseal fracture from minor trauma and come straight to the conclusion that the baby must have been abused.

If you have been accused of abusing your child as a result of a metaphyseal fracture being diagnosed, then we can take immediate action to defend your position.

By The NAI Team

If your child has suffered a metaphyseal Fracture and you are being accused of causing the injury, anyone of our team has the expertise and experience to advise and support you.

If you have been accused of causing a metaphyseal fracture to your child, don’t try and fight it alone.

Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you. Call us on 0121 683 5002 (out of hours mobile or for texting: 07730 143 432) or click through to our contact form using the button below.






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